Andy Warhol - Two Cherubs Embrace

Andy Warhol’s drawings from the 1950s are a far cry from the bright, splashy paintings and screenprints he would later create of Marilyn Monroe and Liz Taylor. The drawings are whimsical. They are lively, created with simple lines and often times accompanied by the elegant script of his mother, Julia Warhola. Many of the drawings – especially his drawings of angels, cherubs, and fairies – were used as study drawings for In the Bottom of My Garden, a book which Warhol published in the 1950s. The book is suggested to have had multiple inspirations, including the children’s book Flower Fairies of Autumn and the song There are Fairies in the Bottom of Our Garden. Warhol’s book depicts winged figures, cats, horses, and flowers – sometimes in black and white and sometimes brightly colored – cavorting and frolicking across the pages.