Constance edwards scopelitis - shockra

The Meanings of the Chakras to the artist

RED: Root chakra means grounding. A human must remember her feet are firmly “planted” on the earth.
ORANGE: Sacral chakra is associated with creativity, sexuality, and water therefore bubbles. Large bubbles pop and expand into more bubbles.
YELLOW: Solar plexus chakra symbolizes strength of intellect and intuition; the weaving of many strings together creates a larger fabric.
GREEN: Heart chakra stands for love and compassion, hence the doves of peace.
AQUA: Throat chakra is about speaking one’s truth. Singing is a means of communicating.
PURPLE: Third eye chakra is about wisdom. The peacock feather symbolizes the many eyes of God.
WHITE: The purple hued lotus flower is the Crown chakra. This means one can be connected to the universal or the spiritual God. She says she has cropped the orb at the top of the monitor because “god” cannot be defined or confined by even a perfectly contained circle.