Andy Warhol - Poinsettias

Andy Warhol’s work as an Illustrator ran the gamut – from illustrations of shoes for Glamour Magazine to Christmas cards for Tiffany & Co. The latter was perfectly suited for Warhol, whose love for Christmas has become more and more understood in the last several years. Tiffany’s published Warhol’s Christmas cards from 1956 to 1962.

Whether drawing angels, cherubs, Christmas trees made of fruit, Warhol’s oeuvre is sprinkled throughout with Christmas-themed works. In the 1980s, Warhol created a series of prints and paintings of Poinsettias based on photographs that he had taken. He gave many of these works as holiday gifts to friends.

"Warhol reduced and radicalised his Flowers to such an extent that the banal subject matter was now transformed into a powerful pictorial concept. The directionless format contributed to this: the pictures can be read in all directions; like an abstract painting, top and bottom, left and right, have been revoked" (Nina Zimmer cited in: Exh. Cat., Basel, Kunstmuseum, Andy Warhol: The Early Sixties – Paintings and Drawings 1961-1964, 2011, p. 177)