Thalen & Thalen to design entrance for Palm Beach Art, Antique & Jewelry Show

Long-Sharp Gallery will present a stunning show entrance designed by Thalen & Thalen, creators of contemporary silver objects, at the 13th Annual Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antique Show at the Palm Beach County Convention Center in West Palm Beach from February 15-21, 2017.

With locations in both Indianapolis and New York, Long-Sharp Gallery represents international in solo and thematic exhibitions and participates in Fine Art Shows all over the world. Each and every one of the artists they represent are remarkably unique, and Thalen & Thalen is no exception. Renowned Dutch sculptors Rob and Jaap Thalen are famous for their hand crafted sculptural vessels, raised by hand from sheets of fine silver (999/000).   Having exhibited at over a dozen museums, father and son are accustomed to having thousands view their works.  At the 2017 Palm Beach Art, Antique, and Jewelry fair, guests will have the unusual opportunity to walk through two of their sculptures.

The Palm Beach Show Group commissioned Thalen & Thalen to design the entrances for their signature show in Palm Beach. Each entrance is designed to reflect the historical importance of vessels.

 “We surround ourselves with vessels.  The Romans did.  The Greeks did.  When we visit a museum on ancient culture, we are inspired by the way vessels were cherished.  The pure beauty of them; the precision in the way they were made.  Vessels housed treasures, be those precious oils, metals, or anything desired to be kept safe,” stated Rob Thalen.

The entrances to the 2017 Palm Beach fair, designed with this inspiration, are over 22 feet deep, 14 feet tall, and 20 feet wide.  Each is created out of hand brushed aluminum tubes.  According to Thalen & Thalen, “visitors are invited to walk into the vessels that give way to the treasures of the fair.”

The works of Thalen & Thalen as well as other contemporary artists represented by Long-Sharp Gallery will be on view at the Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antique Show which opens February 15 with an Opening Night Preview Party. The evening will afford a first glimpse of more than 150 international exhibitors representing multidisciplinary collections. 

Please contact the gallery for more information or for tickets to the fair.