Jason Myers debuts at the Art Museum of Greater Lafayette

In 2016, Jason Myers’ works were placed in the permanent collections of the Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA) and the Art Museum of Greater Lafayette. In the 2017, his work solo exhibit, Status: Fluid/Dynamic was shown at Polk Museum of Art . In 2018, Myers was commission to build a monumental sculpture for the Lowlands Festival during his exhibit at the Museum de Fundatie in the Netherlands.

Select works from Status: Fluid/Dynamic during 2017 exhibit
Photo courtesy of the Polk Museum, Lakeland FL

Now in 2019, Jason Myers’ solo exhibit, Status: Fluid/Dynamic will travel from the Polk Museum (Lakeland, Florida) to the Art Museum of Great Lafayette (West Lafayette, Indiana). The exhibit will open on May 10th, 2019 at 6:30pm. There will be remarks by Rachel Coy, Dan Annarino, and Gus Nyberg at 7:15pm, along with refreshments provided by the Art League of the Art Museum of Greater Lafayette. 

Jason Myers' artwork invites the use of mixed media that includes steel, resin and computer generated prints. Complex, layered and exquisitely executed, Myers’ work often questions our current political and socioeconomic environment. Forgoing the “typical trajectory” perhaps expected from modern-day artists —a Brooklyn studio, numerous assistants— Myers instead opts for solitary path. The majority of the work he creates takes a year to complete from its conception. Myers’ determination and dedication to his art is captivating, leaving lasting impressions on its viewers.

Image of newly installed works by Jason Myers at Conrad Indianapolis on the second floor

With works exhibited at art fairs across the United States and abroad, Myers’ acclaim has only grown in the past several years. In addition to his exhibitions in numerous art fairs this past year (including Art Miami, Art Palm Beach with more art fair features to come this summer) and his museum exhibits in the last few years, Jason Myers also has a wing of works in Conrad Indianapolis on the second floor. Long-Sharp Gallery has an art program with Conrad Indianapolis with curated works all throughout the hotel. The space was most recently re-curated at the beginning of this year. Additionally, he will appear in our next Indianapolis gallery exhibit this summer. Stay tuned.