Each Amy Kirchner painting acquired at Forms|Shapes exhibition.

 In her first exhibit with Long-Sharp Gallery, Amy Kirchner’s paintings are still on view, but none are for sale.   Kirchner’s works are the first in the gallery’s history to have sold out in one evening.   Well over a hundred guests attended the official opening celebration of “Forms|Shapes” on Friday February 3, 2017.  The event was sponsored by Conrad Indianapolis.  By evening’s end, every painting by Kirchner was spoken for.   An additional work was sold before the opening celebration.  Gallery owner Rhonda Long-Sharp was pleased “but not surprised.”  Long-Sharp Gallery is not known to add to its roster of artists often.   Amy Kirchner’s future with the gallery does not seem to be in question.  Long-Sharp says “an announcement in this regard will be made in April 2017.”