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Long-Sharp Gallery debuts “The British Are Coming”, an exhibit comprised of the works of six contemporary British artists on October 2, 2015.

Long-Sharp Gallery began working with Chris Bracey (1955-2014) before his untimely death in November 2014 but did not publicly exhibit his works until SCOPE Miami in December 2014. Long-Sharp is honored and humbled to continue to exhibit Chris’ works. Bracey made his mark on the art world by combining neon with found objects to create his signature pieces, which often consist of popular phrases and song lyrics. Britain’s Tracey Emin has credited Bracey with teaching her the neon medium. David Spiller (b. 1942), considered one of the grandfathers of British pop art, combines familiar phrases and lyrics with clean lines, strong color, expressive drawing, and freehand words or text. Whether riffing on Beatles lyrics, adding cartoon characters, or utilizing a strong geometric construct, Spiller can make audiences see a cultural fragment with new eyes – and new style. Wayne Warren (b. 1950) conceptualizes art into an exploration of consumerism and materialism. Aptly stating that “all art is about making sense of the world we live in,” his work wittily combines miniaturized everyday items – bottle tops, used razor blades, spoons, small toys – painted gold and transformed into treasured objects of desire. He plays with the balancing act of consumer desire and its implicit moral cost. Russell Young (b. 1959) uses a visual language of pop-culture to explore our celebrity-obsessed society, with a nod to Andy Warhol.  His point of view is that of an “outsider” – a British-born, American culture enthusiast. His exploration of American culture seeks access to the quintessential “American dream,” at the same time reflecting a certain nostalgia for a time when individual imagination provided the fuel for these dreams.

Invited to participate in the exhibit are artists Alex Echo and Christian Furr.  Alex Echo (b. 1958) endeavors to encapsulate into his pieces “ballet between light, water, colour, and time.” His works, each created with a unique technique comprised of resin and paint, reflect an appreciation for nature, history, and environmental sustainability. Christian Furr (b. 1966), best known for being the youngest artist commissioned to paint the Queen of England, explores the beauty of explosions in his newest series. 

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