Andy Warhol - Fairy Standing Arms Outstretched

Drawings by Andy Warhol are as varied and unique as his screenprints, running the gamut from shoes to Japanese temples to portraits of lovers. One theme that runs throughout Warhol’s career can be attributed to his mother, who passed on her love of the Catholic church to her son – faith, church, and religion may be extracted throughout Warhol’s decades of creating. Warhol’s often capricious drawings from the 1950s are interspersed with cherubs, fairies, and angels. In the 1980s, he created multiple images of a wooden cross, depictions of the Last Supper, and the Madonna. Warhol’s religious upbringing impacted more than just his art – he was known for faithfully attending mass, volunteering within his New York community, and stepping up to finance his nephew’s seminary study.