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Peace, Love, Hope & Harmony

Peace, Love, Hope & Harmony is a 5 artist group show continuing the gallery’s exploration of social justice issues.

The exhibit showcases works by Robert Indiana, including his 2013 “Shout For Peace” and works from his now iconic HOPE series begun in 2008.  Two artists from the United Kingdom are represented in the exhibit.  David Spiller’s patch-work sewn and painted canvases call for LOVE while riffing on lyrics from familiar songs like “Let it Be.”  Sculpture by British street artist D*Face is reminiscent of the “Peace Gun” created in the wake of the shooting of John Lennon.  The D*Face work depicts the word “PEACE” being propelled from the barrel of a gun.   A similar work was exhibited recently at the CAC Museum, Malaga Spain.  Harmony is represented by the works of sculptors Gino Miles (New Mexico) and Thalen & Thalen (Belgium).   Miles’ 5’ tall 400 pound bronze sculpture, “Harmony” dwarfs “Museum for a Flower” created by the Dutch father and son duo, but both works speak to the respect for co-existence and the fragility of life.

Peace, Love, Hope & Harmony will remain open through and including February 25, 2017.