Andy Warhol - Christmas tree

Warhol took his first trip abroad in 1956. According to Charles Lisanby who went with Warhol on this trip, Warhol’s A Gold Book was influenced greatly by his travels and in particular his time in Thailand.  “Lisanby said that the working of gold lacquer surfaces with black ornaments in Thailand inspired Warhol to choose this color combination for [the book].” (Schleif, 112)

In that same essay, Schleif notes that “[o]f all of the promotional books, A Gold Book is certainly the one that makes the impression of being the most serious.  It is also the only promotional book that Warhol took credit for alone. Yet journalistic attention again remained denied to him.” Id at 119.

Warhol’s “gold” pictures were a feature at the Bodley gallery exhibit in December 1957 and a subject of the invitation for same.

Reference: Schleif, Nina. “Clever Frivolity In Excelsis, Warhol's Promotional Books.” Reading Andy Warhol, Hatje Cantz Verlag, 2013, pp. 78–133.