Andy Warhol - Blackglama (Judy Garland)

An artist known for many things, Andy Warhol may be most renowned for his depictions of celebrities and his interest in consumer culture; Warhol’s Blackglama is an overlap of both.

This piece one of ten images from Andy Warhol’s “Ads Suite” – which also featured iconic advertisements for Chanel No. 5, Lifesavers, and Mobilgas. Warhol, fascinated by Judy Garland and by the commodification of celebrity, based his posthumous portrait of her on a 1968 poster advertisement for Blackglama furs. By enlarging and cropping his source image and adding color accents, Warhol intensified the actress’s glamour and drew attention to the artifice behind it. "To meet a person like Judy whose real was so unreal was a thrilling thing," explained Warhol.