Brushstroke Stamp

Year: 1970
Medium: Stamp and ink pen on paper
Sheet size: 5 x 7”
Frame Size: 16 x 19”
Included in the Lichtenstein Online Catalogue Raisonne
Inscriptions: Love R
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Drawing for Modular Painting with 4 Panels, #3 (2)

Year: 1969
Medium: Graphite and colored pencils on paper
Image size: 6.0125 x 6”
Sheet size: irregular; 10 x 9.825”
Frame Size: 17.75 x 17.75”
Included in the Lichtenstein Online Catalogue Raisonne
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American (1923-1997)

Roy Lichtenstein

Pop art legend Roy Lichtenstein, born in Manhattan in October of 1923, was influenced by advertisements and comic books. Lichtenstein began his studies in New York but finished at Ohio State University and thereafter began teaching at different universities, a profession he continued until 1964. During that time he was found by Leo Castelli who started displaying his works in his gallery. In 1962, Roy Lichtenstein had his first one-man show where the entire collection was purchased by collectors before the opening. Lichtenstein’s fame grew internationally from that point. He became known for his bold colors, thick lines, and use of comic strips to influence his work. He passed away in 1997 due to pneumonia. Roy Lichtenstein’s art now hangs in museums around the world including the Museum of Modern Art and Tate Modern in London.