cunningham relief 

Medium: An embossing with hand rubbed half-tone on Arches Buff paper
Edition: AP 9/30
Year: 1974
Signed: in half tone bottom right forso
Size: 30 x 22.5"
Printed at United Press, Captiva, Florida from a Copper Plate, Made by Styria Studio, New York, New York


Medium: Four color lithograph
Edition: Of 51
Year: 1991
Signed: Lower right
Size: 26 x 21"
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Medium: Lithograph, screenprint, collage
Edition: Of 65
Year: 1992
Signed: Lower left
Size: 9.75 x 5.75"
Frame: Yes
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American (1925-2008)

Given name Milton Ernst Rauschenberg, Robert Rauschenberg was born in Texas in 1925. Rauschenberg was an American painter who transitioned from Abstract Expressionism to Pop Art. He studied at Kansas City Art Institute and Academie Julien in Paris. Rauschenberg was well known for his “Combines” in the 1950s which displayed both his ability to paint and to sculpt. Along with using found objects, the artist began using found images in his work in the 1960s by way of the silkscreening process. He was quoted as trying to find “the gap between art and life.” Rauschenberg won a Grammy for the album art he designed for a group called the Talking Heads. In 2008, Rauschenberg passed away due to heart failure.