Andy Warhol - Miguel Bosé

Miguel Bosé, best known for his talent singing, was born in Panama in 1956. Miguel worked to follow his mother with an acting career but changed course in 1971 decided to focus on his musical talents. Miguel Bosé has created 21 albums and played roles in over 35 films; this includes two music videos with Andy Warhol. In 1983, Warhol was commissioned by Bosé’s recording company to produce the album cover for his album “Made In Spain”. This was the first time Warhol was aware of the up and coming musician. Around this time Warhol was invited to visit Madrid and appeared in Bosé’s “Fallen Angel” music video. Though many of Bosé’s albums were categorized as “pop”, he incorporated many different musical influences from around the world – an innovative move in that era. In 1993, Bosé took a political stance with his twelfth album “Bajo El Signo de Cain”. This album was widely accepted by his fans and became his first platinum album.