Long-Sharp Gallery at Art Miami 2017
to Dec 10

Long-Sharp Gallery at Art Miami 2017

Celebrating its 3rd year at Art Miami, Long-Sharp Gallery (Indianapolis/New York) will present the sculpture-centric exhibit “Form” at Art Miami, December 6-10, 2017.

“Form” is principally comprised of works by artists who sculpt on four continents.   American favorite Gino Miles -- whose solo museum exhibit at The Polk Museum of Art in Lakeland Florida runs simultaneously with Art Miami – will be one of four sculptors featured.  The walls of “Form” will feature large and smaller scale works by South Korean sculptor Cha Jong Rye, a newly added artist to the Long-Sharp Gallery roster.  Fine silver sculptures (999/000) by European museum favorites Thalen & Thalen will once again take center stage.  Thalen & Thalen works will be complimented by hand crafted and site-specific pedestals and floating art installations created by Cisler Projects.  Form is rounded out by mesmerizing kinetic works created by Indian-born architect Tarik Currimbhoy.

“Form” sculpture will be complimented by works by Joan Miro, David Spiller, Jason Myers, and Constance Edwards Scopelitis. 

For more information about the fair, please click here

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Masterpiece London 2017
to Jul 5

Masterpiece London 2017

Long-Sharp Gallery is honored to exhibit once again at Masterpiece London this coming June. The fair will take place 28 June - 5 July on the South Grouds of the Rosa Hospital Chelsea. We will return to booth B34. 

We will exhibit several fresh-to-the-market, 1950s-era drawings by Andy Warhol alongside works by Pablo Picasso, Edvard Muench, Jean Cocteau, Robert Indiana and Mel Bochner. Father and son silversmiths Thalen & Thalen will create a 3' tall pure silver vessel studded with over 25 carats of diamonds to be exhibited, as well. 

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Art New York
to May 7

Art New York

Long-Sharp Gallery will return to Art New York this coming May. The fair will take place from May 3-7 at Pier 94. We will exhibit works by Keith Haring, Robert Indiana, Chris Bracey, David Spiller, Jason Myers, Thalen & Thalen, Gino Miles, Jamea Richmond-Edwards, Tatyana Fazlalizadeh and Constance Edwards Scopelitis.

An installation by multi-media artist Jason Myers will be featured at the front of the fair. Titled "The 99%: United We Stand", the installation is comprised of 99 intimately scaled portraits. According to the artist, "[E]ach portrait portrays a faceless, nameless member of the 99% -- each unknown to most except the IRS and the NSA.   All are asked to place their faith in God and .GOV while the 1% make the decisions that impact their daily lives.  But, when viewed together, the 99% is a powerful force to be respected and heard."

The artist and Long-Sharp Gallery will donate one-third ($1,000) of the purchase price of each painting to Direct Relief, a charity providing humanitarian medical aid. 

Please contact the gallery for complimentary tickets. 

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Art on Paper
to Mar 5

Art on Paper

Long-Sharp Gallery will be exhibiting at Art on Paper at Pier 36 from March 2-5. We'll exhibit sculptural works by Thalen & Thalen, Gino Miles and Dale Enochs as well as works on paper by Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Robert Indiana and David Spiller. We will also kick off our "Athena Shrugged" series with a preview of works by Constance Edwards Scopelitis, Jamea Richmond-Edwards, Sabina Klein and Tatyana Fazlalizadeh. 

For tickets to the fair, please click here

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Art Miami
to Dec 4

Art Miami


Graphic, Neon and Video Works, to Pop-Inspired and Modern Monumental Steel Sculpture

Andy Warhol Holiday Works Celebrates the Season  

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - In anticipation of the largest annual art happening of the Americas, Long-Sharp Gallery presents Edge/Elegance—a group exhibition featuring avant-garde multimedia, sculpture, video, painting and installation works at the prestigious Art Miami fair, November 29 – December 4, 2016.  Unique this year is a spotlight on contemporary and modern artists Gino Miles, Thalen & Thalen, Susan Woods, Chris Bracey, David Spiller, Jason Myers and David Kramer, and the sheer spectrum they represent in scale, medium and perspective.  Especially timely, Long-Sharp Gallery will be presenting Andy Warhol’s holiday- inspired works.   

“We are honored to exhibit at Art Miami, the premier satellite fair to Art Basel Miami Beach,” said Rhonda Long-Sharp, Long-Sharp Gallery founder.  “This year’s exhibition highlights craftsmanship and a singular mastery of materials.  From pure fine silver to neon installations, our featured artists range in mediums and occupy a unique voice in the contemporary art space.”

Gino Miles, who sculpts marine-grade stainless steel and bronze into massive, towering structures, has devoted his life to mastering his medium.  At Art Miami 2015, Miles achieved a record status for the gallery when all seven of his marine grade stainless steel sculptures sold-out before the fair’s endThalen & Thalen is a Belgium-based father-and-son duo, also primarily working with sculpture but with focus on pure fine silver (999/000). Born in 1954, Rob, a trained silversmith, began his arts career in the Netherlands in 1982, joined in 2005 by his son Jaap, who studied architecture. Since August 2016, Thalen & Thalen have exhibited at no less than a dozen European museums, shaping their metal of choice into objects that look simultaneously majestic and sensuous, mirroring the feel of the silver itself.

In a combination of edge and elegance, Susan Woods works at the intersection of art and design with sculpture.  Her artistic process is focused on experimental ideas, which, as both an artist and designer, often lead to functional statement pieces that can also viewed as objets d’art.

In contrast to Miles, Thalen & Thalen and Susan Woods, Chris Bracey and David Spiller bring a bold and representational sensibility to the exhibition’s layered Edge/Elegance dynamic. Neon artist Bracey passed away in 2014 at the age of 59, leaving behind his wife, children and grandchildren. His reclaimed neon works have become iconic for their punchy phrases and typography, often bringing pop cultural references and excerpts from songs to bright life in living color. Similarly, 73-year-old Spiller, who still paints on the floor of his studio, incorporates the words of popular catchphrases, lyrics, and poetry in his modern, self-referential works. Juxtaposing type with shapes that alternate between cartoon and highly structured lettering, Spiller utilizes a strong geometric construct and offers a reframed view of a culture with new eyes.

Video artist and painter Jason Myers most recently exhibited at the Cornell Art Museum in Delray Beach, FL and is opening his solo show at The Polk Museum of Art in Lakeland, FL in September 2017.  His clever use of repetition, amplified via animation and video, speaks to the routine, politics and absurdities of the human experience.  Taking a more personal and direct approach, David Kramer’s work deals with issues of self-exploration tinged with a healthy dose of neurotic musings and self-deprecation. Incorporating his own writings—often diaristic in nature, and juxtaposed against expressively painted and drawn images—his paintings present both a sense of place and a state of mind that can produce the best kind of awkward laughter.

Art Miami | November 29 – December 4

VIP Preview: Tues., Nov. 29 from 5:30 – 10 PM

Wednesday, Nov. 30 – Sat., Dec. 3, 11 AM –8 PM; Sunday, Dec. 4; 11 AM – 6 PM

Midtown Miami, 3101 NE 1st Avenue, Miami

Tickets:  $45 one-day pass; $90 multi-day pass; $30 students 12 – 18 years & seniors 62 years; free for children under 12; $250 VIP Preview Benefit.  For information about tickets, please call 1.800.376.5850, email info@art-miami.com or visit artmiamifair.com

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Masterpiece London
to Jul 6

Masterpiece London

30 JUNE - 6 JULY 2016

South Grounds
The Royal Hospital Chelsea
Chelsea Embankment
Near Sloane Square
London SW3 4LW

Long-Sharp Gallery is honored to return to this world class fair again this summer. We have moved to a slightly larger stand, so please look for us in a different location: Stand B- 34 (near La Caprice). This year we will feature a series of works by American pop artists Robert Indiana, Andy Warhol, and Keith Haring, alongside a pair of early drawings by Pablo Picasso (including one from the collection of Gertrude Stein), a set of five rare bon a tirer ("BAT") prints by Joan Miro, along with a large scale bronze sculpture by Gino Miles and works in pure silver (.999/000) by Thalen & Thalen.  In light of the present political environment in the United States and elsewhere, we have decided to devote an entire wall in our stand to Robert Indiana's "Love" and "Hope" works -- a simple, iconic and ever-timely message.

We are pleased to host a talk and book signing with Thalen & Thalen on our stand, Saturday July 2 at 15:00.  The talk is titled: "Silver as Fine Art: Pure silver, an invitation to our senses", Talk and Book Signing with Thalen & Thalen.



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Spring Masters
to May 9

Spring Masters

5:00 – 9:00 PM

6:00 – 9:00 PM

FRIDAY, MAY 6 | 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
SATURDAY, MAY 7 | 11:00 AM – 7:30 PM
SUNDAY, MAY 8 | 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
MONDAY, MAY 9 | 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM

On Park Avenue
Between 66th and 67th Street
New York City

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to Dec 6



An exhibition at SCOPE Miami, December 2015

Long-Sharp Gallery, Indianapolis


Text, an exhibition loosely based on the conceptual art movement born in the '50s, focuses more directly on the recurrent pop sensibility in contemporary art. The inclusion of text—numbers, letters or symbols—has been one of the defining developments of twentieth century contemporary art. Written language as a tool of self-expression symbolized a new way of thinking about artistic practice; now it has become omnipresent in everything from street art, to neon, to "traditional" painting, to the written word as the artwork itself. For some artists, it's about personal history, literature, socio-political commentary, or as a way to confront the viewer, forcing an immediate response. For others, it's a random inclusion in a particular body of work or a design element. Its ubiquitous use brings it into the ever-expanding language of art making.

For each of the featured artists—Robert Indiana, Chris Bracey, David Spiller, Gino Miles, Jason Myers, David Kramer, Wayne Warren, Edward Holland, and Ron Burkhardt—text may be the cornerstone of their work or one of the many tools they use in their personal artistic practice.

The exhibition begins with the work of iconic artist Robert Indiana, a self-proclaimed "painter of signs" and an acknowledged innovator in the use of text. A uniquely American artist, Indiana created icons that even today are among the most memorable, notably his signature image LOVE. His American Dream suite incorporates the words Hug, Eat, Err, and Die, intended to symbolize key aspects of the promise and reality of American life. This group of words exemplifies Indiana's bold and graphic style, inspired by everyday road signs and billboards.

British-born Chris Bracey's work uses neon text, found, created and re-worked, to illuminate and reconsider fragments of poetry, song lyrics, and societal truisms, forcing spectators to think about the inherent multiplicity of meanings. By isolating and juxtaposing personally meaningful phrases from our collective pop sensibility, he both simplifies and strengthens our universal connection.


David Kramer takes a personal, quasi-autobiographical approach to his work, combining self-exploration with a healthy dose of self-deprecation and neurotic musing. His worldview is urban and truthful, a tilted look at the reality of coping with—and laughing with—the everyday. Kramer incorporates his own diaritic writings that are juxtaposed against expressively drawn images, often borrowed from idealized magazine ads and other cultural ephemera.

In his recent series, Gino Miles builds bronze or steel sculptures from words, translated into a lyrical version of Morse code. The distilling of common phrases and acronyms into the spare language of dots and dashes completely transforms them, offering elegant twists on how we see and use language, in literal versus poetic senses.

The works of multi-media artist Jason Myers combine imagery using a combination of technology, mark making, and various materials. The content in his works typically derive from a combination of many sources in history and personal memories, both questioning and commenting on society and the information to which we are exposed.

David Spiller is a self-described conceptual artist inspired more by Kurt Schwitters than Andy Warhol. His patchwork canvases contain clean lines, definitive colors, and block letters interrupted by small expressive drawings and penciled script. There is a formal urgency to the work: as he stated in a recent interview “...you have to say what needs to be said.” As a result, his pieces often contain song lyrics, automatic writing, or journal-like notes.

Ron Burkhardt, Edward Holland and Wayne Warren each incorporate words in their works to suit particular expressions. Painters Holland and Burkhardt bury language in their work in very different ways. Burkhardt uses a codified alphabet to create stylized geometric abstractions that function as both medium and message. Holland’s mixed media works include specific phrases, often as collaged elements on paper and canvas. By utilizing thin layers of paint, pencil, and attached elements, the partially obscured words take on weighted significance. British sculptor Wayne Warren works with expressions of consumerism, wittily combining everyday objects with text questioning our ready acceptance of materialism.

Text spotlights the importance of both a historical and a very contemporary trajectory of art genres that combine a sense of wit, social awareness, and artistic prowess to convey relevant cultural messages.

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Art Miami
to Dec 6

Art Miami


Indianapolis, IN (October 13, 2015) – It is with great excitement that Long-Sharp Gallery presents Silver, Gold, and Bold, an exhibition in three parts, each defined by the widely varied practices of the exhibited artists, at December fair week’s premier fair Art Miami (December 1 – 6, Midtown). Featuring rare works by Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, and Roy Lichtenstein in addition to pieces by contemporaries Thalen & Thalen, Gino Miles, Chris Bracey and David Spiller, Silver, Gold, and Bold invites viewers to explore a history of modern art through the eyes of some of the generation’s greatests—from decades past to present—all of whom re-contextualized their respective mediums in profoundly personal ways.

Says gallery founder Rhonda Long-Sharp, "At our inaugural exhibit at Art Miami, we proudly present rare works by masters that have been the mainstay of Long-Sharp Gallery since its inception. Alongside these masterworks, we will exhibit works by four artists whom we believe exemplify the craftsmanship of tomorrow’s masters, and announce our US representation of father and son sculptors from Belgium, Thalen & Thalen."
Silver, Bold, and Gold begins with Thalen & Thalen. Rob and Jaap Thalen, a Belgium-based father-and-son duo, primarily work with sculpture and, in keeping with the exhibition’s title, pure fine silver (999/000). Born in 1954, Rob, a trained silversmith, began his arts career in the Netherlands in 1982 and his son Jaap, who studied architecture, joined Rob in 2005. Thalen & Thalen, who’ve exhibited internationally for the past several years, shape their metal of choice into objects that look simultaneously majestic and sensuous, mirroring the feel of silver itself. One of their featured sculptures, Touchable, does indeed look touchable, almost soft. Their piece, nicknamed “Tiny”, is made especially for Art Miami. Gino Miles also transforms metals into wondrous shapes, sculpting them into massive, towering structures. He will display his stainless steel sculpture, Crescendo, alongside other works in stainless steel and bronze at the fair. 

The exhibition’s Gold takes the form of the iconic works of Picasso, Warhol, and Lichtenstein. A watercolor and charcoal sketch by Picasso, crafted in Paris in 1901, will feature alongside selections from Lichtenstein’s modular drawing series. Warhol’s Portrait of Olga, one of only two ever created, depicts Olga Berde Mahl—who owns the painting’s pair. As an expression of gratitude, Warhol painted Mahl, the real estate agent who sold Warhol and printer Rupert Jasen Smith their last studio on Watts Street. Mahl effectively became one of the only women Warhol documented outside of a particular celebrity circle. Also on display: Warhol’s painting, Jon Gould. Still relatively new to the market—Long Sharp introduced the work in 2014—Gould, a wealthy Paramount executive, became the artist’s romantic obsession in the 1980s.

The show’s brightest components: Chris Bracey and David Spiller are both equally bold in their content and form. Neon artist Bracey passed away last year at the age of 59, leaving behind Art is Never Finished and The Artificial Fascinates Me, which will be on view at Art Miami. Deemed the Master of Glow, his reclaimed neon works, which he built in the workshop he named God’s Own Junkyard, have become iconic. Similarly, 72-year-old Spiller is eponymous in his own right. Spiller, who still paints on the floor of his studio, incorporates excerpts of popular catchphrases, lyrics, and poetry, juxtaposing the text with recognizable cartoon characters or highly structured shapes. Distilled sentiments of larger references, they are often equally humorous and poignant.

Silver, Gold, and Bold by Long-Sharp Gallery at Art Miami
The Art Miami Pavilion
3101 NE 1st Avenue
Midtown Miami, FL 33137

VIP Preview | Tuesday December 1, 5:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.  
Fair Hours | December 1 – 6, 2015
Wednesday, December 2 – Saturday, December 5 from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Sunday, December 6 from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. 
Admission | One-Day Pass $40; Multi-Day Pass $85; Seniors 62 years+ $25; Students 12-18 years $15; Children under 12 free; Groups of 10 or more (online ticket purchases only) $25
For more information, visit www.art-miami.com. 

About Long-Sharp Gallery
Long-Sharp Gallery, an extension of ModernMasters Fine Art, is located in the Conrad Indianapolis luxury hotel. The gallery features works from “Picasso to Pop,” with a primary focus on works by some of the best known names in modern and contemporary art: Picasso, Warhol, Basquiat, Haring, Frankenthaler, Indiana, Lichtenstein, Miro, Motherwell, Russell Young, and William John Kennedy.  For more information, visit www.longsharpgallery.com or email info@longsharpgallery.com. For high-res images and video of the work featured in Silver, Gold, and Bold, please reach out to our media contact.

About Art Miami
Known as Miami's premier anchor fair, Art Miami kicks off the opening day of Art Week. World-famous for its stylish gallery-like decor, its outstanding quality and extraordinary variety, Art Miami showcases the best in modern and contemporary art from 125 international art galleries. Art Miami maintains a preeminent position in America's contemporary art fair market. With a rich history, it is the original and longest-running contemporary art fair in Miami and continues to receive praise for the variety of unparalleled art that it offers. The fair will commence on December 1, 2015, with Art Miami's highly anticipated Opening Night VIP Preview. In 2014, Art Miami attracted 13,600 collectors, curators, artists, connoisseurs and designers during its Opening Night to benefit the Miami Art Museum (PAMM) and hosted 80,000 attendees over a six-day period. For more information, visit www.art-miami.com 

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Art Silicon Valley
to Oct 11

Art Silicon Valley

Long-Sharp Gallery is pleased to exhibit at Art Silicon Valley this upcoming October. We will be exhibiting works by Keith Haring, Joan Miro, Chris Bracey, David Spiller, Jason Myers, Thalen & Thalen, Edward Holland, Thomas Ramey, and Hamilton Agiuar, among others. 

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to Jul 13

Art Southampton

This will be out first year at Art Southampton. We will feature works by modern and contemporary artists Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro, Keith Haring, Chris Bracey, Gino Miles, David Spiller, and more.

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to Jul 1

Masterpiece London

Long-Sharp Gallery is proud to announce that we will exhibit again this year at world-renowned Masterpiece London.  Long-Sharp Gallery will be exhibiting in Stand A-11 again this year. 

Masterpiece London 2015, located on the South Grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea, will take place from 25 June - 1 July. Long-Sharp Gallery's exhibit will feature rare works by Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, and Roy Lichtenstein, among others. We are also pleased to announce that we will exhibit sculpture by Gino Miles for his debut at Masterpiece London.

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to Dec 7

“Graphite to Gigabytes” at SCOPE MIAMI

Long-Sharp Gallery exhibited “Graphite to Gigabytes” at SCOPE MIAMI during Art Basel week. Whether applying pencils and paints to paper, sanding down lines of steel, repurposing found objects, bending neon bulbs, or incorporating custom computers and 3D printers, “Graphite to Gigabytes” illustrated the spectrum of expression by modern day artists. Artists exhibited included Andy Warhol (US), David Spiller (UK), Gino Miles (US), Russell Young (UK/US), Jason Myers (US), Wayne Warren (UK), David Kramer (US), and Chris Bracey (UK).

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