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215 lbs

Year: 2017
Medium: Stone, Powder Coated Steel, and Assorted Hardware
Size: 10’ x 18” x 18” 
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Year: 2017
Medium: Limestone and Steel
Size: 6’6.5” x 16” x 18” 


The Center of a Mandala

Year: 2017
Medium: Stone, Powder Coated Aluminum and Bronze Hardware
Size: 24.5” x 24.5”
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Postindustrial Mandala

Year: 2017
Medium: Limestone, Powder Coated Steel, Stainless Steel,  LED Lighting on Wood Pedestal.
Size: 6’10” x 5’ x 26”
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Dance Geometry

Year: 2015
Medium: Powder Coated Steel and Limestone
Size: 54” x 14” x 12”
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Scholar’s Stone

Year: 2017
Medium: Limestone and Steel
Size: 9.5’ x 16”x 16”
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floating world I

Year: 2011
Medium: Limestone and powder coated steel
Size: 21 x 12.5 x 49"
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Year: 2010
Medium: Limestone and bronze
Size: 27.5 x 12.5 x 6”
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Year: 2014
Medium: Stone and powder coated steel
Size: 3'4.5" x 19" x 14"
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Year: 2012
Medium: Stone, bronze and powder coated steel
Size: 22" x 16" x 63"
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(American, b. 1952)

From Indiana limestone, Dale Enochs creates sculptures befitting the standard of what is considered the finest limestone in the world.  That his pieces are in collections as far reaching as the Zhejiang Museum of Art in China and the private collections of Sir Paul McCartney is testament to his ability to move vision into reality, even in such an unforgiving medium.

Having received his education in fine art from Indiana University and living in the limestone-rich city of Bloomington, Enochs began creating sculptures using materials from – quite literally - his own backyard. In the years since, he has incorporated contrasting media such as various metals and richly-colored marble into his limestone works, while establishing himself as an exceptional and sought-after artist.  Enochs’ accolades include teaching assignments at six colleges and universities and upwards of eighteen awards.  His pieces range from a monumental creation weighing 37 tons and a 125-foot-long composition of incised limestone to residential furnishings and small table elements.

Works by this artist may be found in prominent public and private collections.  Since 2015 alone, Enochs has been commissioned to create monumental sculptures for the Monroe County Courthouse (Bloomington, IN), Longs Peak Totem (Westminster, CO), Bicentennial Plaza for the Indiana State House (Indianapolis, IN), and Indianapolis Firefighters Campus (Indianapolis, IN).  In 2016, he was named one of the top 200 artists in Indiana’s history and created a piece for the Indiana State Museum’s Bicentennial exhibit.  That work was added to the permanent collection of the Indiana State Museum in Fall 2017.  

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