Long-Sharp Gallery Indianapolis:  1 North Illinois, Suite A, Indianapolis, IN 46204

Regular Hours:  Wednesday and Thursday: 3:00-6:00pm, Friday: 11:00-6:00pm, Saturday and Sunday: 11:00-2:00pm.

We will be closed October 1-6 in anticipation of our upcoming exhibit "Andy Warhol: Pre Pop", opening October 6 at 6:30pm. Fall hours will begin October 7. Those hours are as follows: Tuesday-Friday 12:00-6:00pm and Saturday 12:00-3:00pm. 

Long-Sharp Gallery Project Space, New York:  24 West 57th St, Suite 606, NY, NY 10019

Regular Hours: Wednesday - Friday: 11:00-6:00pm, Saturday from 11:00-5:00pm.

For general inquiries or to make an appointment outside our business hours, please email us at info@longsharpgallery.com or call us at  (866) 370.1601. For appointments at the NY Project Space, contact Courtneigh at the address below.


Rhonda Long-Sharp, J.D.: Owner of ModernMasters Fine Art Brokerage & Long-Sharp Gallery rhonda@longsharpgallery.com

Nicole ML Sharp, J.D: Gallery Director nicole@longsharpgallery.com

Rachel Coy: Senior Associate Gallery Director and Business Administrator rachel@longsharpgallery.com

Elizabeth H. Pierce: Associate Gallery Director liz@longsharpgallery.com

Jessica Warren: Creative, Indianapolis and New York jessica@longsharpgallery.com

Lamont King, Jr.: Gallery Assistant, Indianapolis lamont@longsharpgallery.com

Courtneigh Summerrise: Senior Gallery Assistant, New York Project Space courtneigh@longsharpgallery.com

Please note: Neither Long-Sharp Gallery nor Long-Sharp Gallery Project Space is accepting submissions at this time. Thank you for your consideration.

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